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About us
Happy Frenchie provides healthy and happy quality French Bulldog puppies all over the USA. They are raised with lots of love and care from day one. Our puppies are given the best environment to thrive in and discover the world around them.
Frenchies bring so much joy to others and in return we aim to do the same for them! By providing quality foods and comfort, our Frenchie puppies grow up to be amazing companions.
Health is a top priority to us, hence why all of our French Bulldog puppies are microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated before going to their new fur-ever homes.
Let us help you make a choice! We understand that adding a Frenchie puppy to your family is a big commitment, which is why we are more than happy to help you make the best choice possible.
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6 reasons why you need to buy from us
  • Puppy Health Guarantee
    The Puppy Health Guarantee covers genetic disorders and provides detailed information and support for our future puppy parents.
  • Latest Vaccinations
    All of our Frenchie puppies receive all necessary and updated shots in order to optimize their health conditions.
  • Deworming Treatments
    Our puppies have been dewormed and treated for internal parasites three times by the time they leave for their new homes.
  • Vet Monitoring
    Licensed veterinarians take extra care in examining all our puppies, making sure they are healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Microchipping
    Extra safety measures are taken by microchipping all puppies. We advise you to register your pup’s chip as soon as possible.
  • Land and Air Delivery
    We offer a number of delivery options to ensure that your Frenchie makes it to you in the best way possible.
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Pirate is the most beautiful, funny, and overall amazing puppy I have ever seen! I love him so much, he is the best addition to our family!! Great job Happy Frenchie!!!
Had a great experience with Happy Frenchie recently. I wasn’t sure about what French Bulldog puppy to get at first and their site helped me make a decision much easier. They answered all of my questions and informed me even more about my puppy. Overall I am very happy with my choice, thank you Happy Frenchie!
I’m soooo obsessed with my French Bulldog Max! Happy Frenchie got delivered him to me 10 months ago. He came healthy and looking great. He's super extroverted and loves making new friends everywhere we go. I am now thinking that maybe he would be happy with getting a Frenchie sibling… maybe it’s time to expand the family!
Fantastic service from Happy Frenchie. They are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to French Bulldogs. We got Maximus last month and he's been doing great at home. Very smart and loving Frenchie. Thanks for the excellent work guys.
French Bulldog, the king of hearts, minds and purses

Sitting nicely at the top spot in popularity rankings for canine breeds in America, French Bulldog is chosen by thousands every year for a host of welcoming features. It’s compact, so fits in the smallest of apartments. It’s low-maintenance. It’s robust, yet economical in daily strolls. It loves fun and to be around people. It wears posh coats (sometimes way too posh and pricey). This fab thing is as reasonably versatile as one can demand of a pet family companion meant for city life. It’s another word for happiness.
That’s why we’ve chosen Happy Frenchie as a name for a breeding business serving the larger Eastern Seaboard stretch with best quality, reasonably priced puppies of French Bulldogs. Look no further for a trusted French Bulldog breeder in Pennsylvania.

French Bulldog puppies in Pennsylvania

Where to go to when looking for French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania? How to find a reliable French Bulldog breeder in Pennsylvania? Should I turn to local breeders of French Bulldogs, or geography doesn’t matter? Prices of French Bulldog PA?
These are all-important queries, for a number of reasons. One, any pet is not simply a toy, but a living being. You take responsibility for its life and well-being from the moment the pup crossed the doorstep of your house. Two, choosing a verified producer gives you a peace of mind about the quality (the health). A healthy puppy is not only a happy one; it means lower maintenance and fewer visits to your vet, which may be embarrassingly costly. Three, this is indeed a pricey stuff. “How much for a French Bulldog” is perfectly legal and should be addressed head on.

French Bulldog breeder in Pennsylvania: the questions to ask

Local breeders of French Bulldogs: what to look for

Going local is advised ever when planning a purchase. It’s good for economy in a particular locality, for employment and services in the surrounding area. Good for climate, if you care – for any long-haul adds to carbon emission and warmer Earth.
In this industry, though, it may not be a universal rule. Our favored breed, French Bulldogs, are a costly lot. With a median for any color (and rare shades may increase bills significantly) standing at around $2,300 anywhere in the USA, any extras would hardly burden you more.
Air delivery (say, from a breeder based in California) may be costly, but compared to total expenses not that significant.
To give you an idea, we charge $800-$1,000 for safe air travel. And zero if you’re ready to pick the furry love of your life in person at our location in Allentown in eastern Pennsylvania. That’s a short leg for Mid-Atlantic states and an hour’s drive from NYC metro.

How much for a French Bulldog? Go mid-range or marginals?

It is possible to find a pup for $1,500. At least it may look that way based on web search for “prices of French Bulldog PA” or any state. With a dog shelter, it may appear to come for free even. A second-hand dog offered for rehoming for a good reason like a change of family fortunes or a human health problem, however, may likely be burdened with issues not easily identifiable. Like behavioral ones.
Better keep this in mind when asking “how much for a French Bulldog”. Face values may be tricky. Good (low) “prices of French Bulldog PA” do look enticing, but other elements should be factored in when deciding on a purchase.
Buying first-hand from an established French Bulldog breeder in Pennsylvania adds a significant safety net tool to the equation, a clean sheet of individual character traits a new owner may fill in with whatever he or she deems appropriate and welcoming.
Based in Allentown, we offer professionally raised and lovingly prepared French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania, of all states.
Stick to local breeders of French Bulldogs, research our prices and shades, call for availability of colors not currently listed. Shop, save, enjoy the company of your new buddy, open a fresh chapter in life!

Prices of French Bulldog PA, A to Z

To sum up on the above (and you probably heard this before), this breed in not cheap at all. French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania will come priced thousands no matter how hard you try. A value bracket of $1,500-$2,500 is usually given as a representation of medians. In truth, any real-time query would return estimates deeply north of the mark.
While the availability figures are shown for an averaged puppy of legal selling age, no “averages” are found on the market. State, breeder, fiscal arrangements, delivery options are all to blame for fluctuations. Mind, these are secondary factors to consider if dreaming of French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania.
The primary, the one that really matters is what color Frenchie? For this will determine prices of French Bulldog PA. Unusual coat design will add thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) to the otherwise equally-merited, fine-tuned dog.

French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania: shades explained

The ocean of incredibly varying colors, shades, hues, tints present in Frenchies can be divided into two pools. One is “allowed” colors and patterns, i.e. good to participate in confirmation shows run by the AKC body, responsible for setting standards in the canine world of America. They are limited to a range of “brindles” (tiger-like stripes), fawns (related to deer skins’ palette), cream and white. The rest – and that’s the majority of mixes – are classified as “non-standard”. These are not allowed to take part in official dog shows but make excellent family companions and wear coats that are outwardly but also costly.
A “rare” coat alone may add thousands to the already pricey French. Five-digit estimates for exceptionally beautiful, jaw-dropping specimens are routinely registered.

Happy Frenchie operation is a way to merry a lust for “French Bulldogs puppies in Pennsylvania” with the benefits only local breeders of French Bulldogs can provide, meaning discounts and zero-cost delivery.

No longer needed to ask “how much for a French Bulldog”!
What we do is we translate years of experience and love for the trade into healthy, affordable puppies not every French Bulldog breeder in Pennsylvania can proudly boast. Scroll our litters, compare conditions and prices, give us calls, choose, buy, come in person to collect!
Have a happy surfing!