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Frenchies dog breed PA, the canine king of the mountain

The French Bulldog is the top choice for the Americans eager to bring a furry friend to their family. Why is that? For one reason – no other breed incorporates traits that make it universally accepted as a near-perfect companion dog. This compact thing is versatile, i.e. very modest in its housing, feeding and maintenance needs. It’s eager to play and to chill out in equal measure, to stay in spotlight and nap by your side, make merry and entertain multi-children households and singles.
Leisurely strolls rather than energetic exercise is its favored mode of operation when outside.
More, French Bulldogs near me for sale look just fabulous, collecting delighted glances wherever they go.
True, Frenchies dog breed PA is not cheap. Still, thousands of dog lovers are willing to part with thousands in cash to get one (or a pair, which is not a mad idea at all). Not to pay extras unless absolutely necessary, choose right Frenchies breeders in Pennsylvania before parting with money.


Originally an import from France (hence “French” in “French Bulldog puppies for sale in Pennsylvania”), they hail from Britain historically. Bulldogs were used to entertain paupers in dog fights and other unappetizing “bloody sports”, long since banned.

Not a trace of those dark days can be found in the mellowest and merriest personalities known as “Frenchies for sale in Pennsylvania”.
They weight a mere 28 pounds max and stand up to 14 inches high, good to fit in a crammed city flat.
Modest in walking (to the point of nearly hating needless strenuous exercise), a Frenchie puppy for sale is a prime choice for house birds.
The slick, short coat may be any color. Mind shows (taking part in confirmations run by the US canine regulator) are allowed for standard shades only. The latter encompass a mere handful of designs, namely a range of brindle (that is, striped, sometimes called “tiger”), fawn (as seen in deer skins), cream and white. That’s it! But the rest, i.e. the majority of French Bulldog puppies for sale PA clearly are not of the brindle and co. They are different, this difference come in a multitude of shades options. Sometimes a Frenchie puppy for sale is not even short-coated, which is a trademark of the pack. They are furry (also described as “fluffy”).

This added fur does invite significantly inflated prices, as is the case with any “rare” coloration in French Bulldog puppies for sale in Pennsylvania. They do cost a lot. Still, there are ways and means to save here. Read more below.

French Bulldog puppies for sale PA – where to start from

Frenchie puppy for sale: what to expect character-wise

French Bulldog puppies for sale PA are famed for being universally accepted in almost any family (and existing pet!) arrangement. A single or several young children, - this is an easy-adoptable thing willing to fit in whatever social architecture you’ve already built for yourself.
This born clown enjoys being the center of attention, picking news tricks and plays. Kids are very much welcome into games. Still, ear-pulling would not be taken lightly. Warn your son or daughter in advance of common-sense red lines when dealing with a dog.

Training is never a problem with French Bulldogs near me for sale, ever showing interest for something new. A playful manner to introduce commands would be more efficient. Make classes short, let the pupil reflect on the info received, then repeat to let it settle down. It’s advised to run sessions to schedule and start them after walks. This way it will work better, as Frenchies dog breed PA displays a measure of independence and stubbornness. A slightly exhausted pup would be less likely to ignore or oppose teacher’s commands.

Frenchies for sale in Pennsylvania – cats relax

Properly raised and educated Frenchies for sale in Pennsylvania are entirely cat- and dog-proof at the minimum. That is, tolerant of and indifferent to their presence around. Chasing in not in their character at all.

Rodents and birds are often scared when meeting even a well-mannered canine. There’s a good reason for that – a glorious hunting past is never truly forgotten and live on in DNA (and most breeds do hail historically from working dogs developed to chase and kill prey).
Not with French Bulldog puppies for sale PA. They’re indifferent to other pets of the household, - and that’s the best one can expect of a lapdog. The same goes for dogs met on a walk – fights or even commotion is not on the agenda at all for a law-abiding Frenchie puppy for sale.

Surprisingly, this non-swimmer may be willing to offer friendship to fish, of all species! They do manage to interact in a meaningful way. See to it that it’s safe. Likewise, when on an outing in the country, keep the dog away from open water (as it may indeed be about to take a dip if not stopped).

French Bulldog puppies for sale in Pennsylvania: workouts won’t rule here

Costly Frenchies dog breed PA as it is, the upkeep is generally considered inexpensive. Modest housing and feeding requirements are complemented by the very basic care. Flashy coats are short, shed in moderation and don’t need cutting. Combing every other day first against, then along growth is good to stimulate blood flow to the skin for better nutrition and natural lubricants supply.
Be economical about bathing as it removes oils, weaken skin and sheen.

An eager eater, but reserved runner, a Frenchie puppy for sale would be quick to pile up pounds if allowed to. More exercise is habitually advised to burn excess body fat. This trick may not work with French Bulldog puppies for sale PA, as racing around like mad is not in their nature at all. Keeping a close eye of meal sizes is therefore advised.

French Bulldogs near me for sale: easy to make a wrong choice

With the breed enjoying a noticeable rise in popularity in the US, producers proliferate to cash in on stable demand. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of adverts promoting “Frenchies breeders in Pennsylvania”, “French Bulldog puppies for sale in Pennsylvania”, “French Bulldog puppies for sale PA” and the like. Reality may be a bit different though, with “French Bulldogs near me for sale” sobriquets appropriated by resellers, often based hundreds of miles away from state boundaries.

Frenchies breeders in Pennsylvania: no need to go further, just scroll

Any trusted Frenchies breeders in Pennsylvania? Do your homework, research the market then compare conditions offered by this breeder. Headquartered in Eastern PA, Happy Frenchie covers the whole length of the Eastern Seaboard, including NYC metropolitan area. It means cheaper delivery, or, better, zero delivery costs if you collect a chosen Frenchie puppy for sale at our location, saving yourself hundreds.

We raise world-class, yet reasonably priced French Bulldog puppies for sale PA. Scroll for the range of colors and availability, call to clarify if a shade of your dream is not currently in the list.

Frenchies for sale in Pennsylvania won’t be on a budget ever. Still, the pricing method this producer uses, of all Frenchies breeders in Pennsylvania, makes tags and totals much more comfortable to live with.
Low thousands instead of mid- or high five digits is a rule for Happy Frenchie. Compare selling conditions carefully before deciding on French Bulldogs near me for sale.
Choose, trade, pick in person, open a new chapter in life!